By applying to take part in the Maserati International Rally 2022, you agree to accept the following:

1. You release the Maserati Club Sweden (“the Club”), its officers and the organisers of the Rally from all responsibility for damage that may occur to property or persons (except for personal injury to the extent it cannot be excluded by law) during the event, including to their own or other participants’ cars. You understand that the Club is a voluntary organisation and is not carrying on a commercial business. 

2. Drivers must be in possession of a valid driver’s licence, must comply with applicable traffic laws and regulations and must drive safely and responsibly. The Club reserves the right to terminate the participation in the Rally of anyone who does not meet these requirements. 

3. Your car must be in a sound and roadworthy condition and all drivers must be insured at least against liability to other people (Third Party Liability Insurance) which must extend to cover any passengers.

4. You will comply with the regulations for the Rally published or announced by the Club. 

5. The Club reserves the right to amend the programme and/or the regulations of the Rally (for instance where required by any authority, to satisfy safety requirements or to comply with traffic regulations). 

6. Only Maserati and OSCA motor cars will be allowed to participate in the Rally. The Club reserves the right to limit the number of cars that will participate in the Rally. 

Mechanical assistance will be provided throughout the weekend, with experienced Maserati mechanics. We encourage you to bring your classic Maserati to the rally.