Collection of Personal Data

This document outlines how Maserati Club Sweden (the Club) collects and manages personal data in compliance with GDPR for the purpose of arranging the Maserati International Rally in Sweden 2022 (the Rally).

Maserati Club Sweden’s board of directors are Personal Data Controllers and can be reached at All questions regarding how personal data is collected, stored and managed should be sent to that email address.

The club will collect and store the following Personal Data about participants to the Maserati International Rally 2022:

  • Name
  • Nationality
  • Home address
  • Phone number
  • E-mail address
  • Food allergy or food preferences
  • T-shirt size

The purpose of the personal data processing is to manage the relationship between you as a Rally participants and the Club. Name, e-mail address and phone number is required to be able to communicate with Rally participants before, during and after the Rally. Home address is required to send a “Rally Magazine” to all participants after the event. Food allergies and preferences are required to be able to plan and provide healthy and proper meals. T-shirt size is required to provide Rally shirt of the correct size to participants.

Personal Data is stored from the moment of registration until it is no longer needed after the Rally is completed. 

Maserati Club Sweden will share Personal Data with Hotel Riviera Strand, who will provide accommodation for the Rally. This is required to be able to book and plan rooms for all Rally participants. For this purpose, Hotel Riviera Strand is a Personal Data Processor for Maserati Club Sweden.

Maserati Club Sweden does not share any Personal Data with any party outside of EU/EES.

As a participant of the Maserati International Rally 2022, you have the right to know what Personal Data is stored about you. Contact with any queries about what Personal Data is stored. 

As a Rally participant you also have the right to

  • get incorrect Personal Data corrected
  • have your Personal Data erased if they are no longer required
  • know how long Personal Data is stored
  • register complaints with The Swedish Data Protection Authority